Russian military captured Ukrainian drone equipped with Starlink terminal

The drone was to be used to bypass Russian EW systems.

Against the background of the active use of electronic countermeasures by the Russian military, in Ukraine they decided to provide drone control not by radio signal, but by means of the Starlink satellite Internet terminal. The drone has a fairly compact design, however, despite all the efforts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the drone was still successfully hit by an anti-drone gun and is now a trophy of the Russian military.

In the presented pictures you can see the captured drone itself. Judging by the very impressive size of the latter, the drone could be used to strike with dropped ammunition. However, the anti-drone gun successfully worked on the drone, despite the fact that Elon Musk had previously stated that it was impossible to suppress the Starlink satellite Internet.

Now the drone can be carefully studied by the Russian military to develop more effective means of countering UAVs of similar designs. In addition, it is likely that this trophy can be used against the Ukrainian military itself.


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