The Russian military seized a Turkish BMC Kirpi armored car in the Kherson region

The Turkish BMC Kirpi armored car handed over to the Ukrainian troops became a trophy of the Russian military.

During the failed attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in one of the directions in the Kherson region, the Russian military managed to defeat the Ukrainian troops and capture the Turkish BMC Kirpi armored car. The study of the latter will reveal the real capabilities of Turkish technology and identify its weaknesses, which, taking into account Ankara's intentions to provide Ukraine with 200 armored vehicles of this type, will give a significant advantage in conducting the NWO.

The Turkish armored car BMC Kirpi captured as a trophy is practically not damaged and is in satisfactory condition. At the same time, as it became known to journalists, Ukrainian troops simply abandoned this military equipment.

Apparently, this technique was used by the Ukrainian military to increase the mobility of individual groups, however, after the defeat of the main forces, the Ukrainian troops simply fled the scene of the collision, probably trying to divert attention to the abandoned equipment as a primary goal.

To date, this is the first known case of capturing a captured Turkish BMC Kirpi armored car as part of the ongoing SVO, however, the Russian military has already come across such equipment in Syria.


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