Russian military seized British, American and Turkish military equipment in the Avdeevka area

During the assault on Avdievka, military personnel from the Center group of troops captured surviving examples of foreign military equipment, including the American M113 armored personnel carrier, known since the Vietnam War, as well as the Turkish Kirpi armored car and the British Pinzgauer Vector 718 all-terrain vehicle. Deputy battalion commander for weapons with the call sign " Rotor" emphasized the uniqueness of the American armored personnel carrier, noting its use as a mobile firing point for a 120-mm mortar. According to him, the armored vehicle was not damaged in the battle, but was abandoned by the Ukrainian military.

The commander of an automobile platoon with the call sign "Chebarkul" told reporters about the circumstances of the capture of the Turkish armored car Kirpi, indicating that Ukrainian soldiers abandoned it during the retreat and the car came under the control of Russian troops in almost perfect condition. In addition to this, the British armored all-terrain vehicle Pinzgauer Vector 718, also left behind by the Ukrainian military, was presented.

The captured equipment demonstrates the diversity of arms supplies to Ukraine from Western countries. Being in good condition, these samples of military equipment indicate the high efficiency of the actions of the Russian troops and the problems with the combat readiness and moral and psychological state of the Ukrainian army.


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