Russian troops blocked the largest military facilities of the Ministry of Defense in Russia - strict quarantine declared

The Russian military blocked the Defense Ministry training grounds for quarantine.

The largest military facilities of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation were unexpectedly blocked by the Russian military. We are talking about military facilities located in four regions of the country, while it is reported that the regime of total quarantine has been introduced at all blocked facilities.

According to the Russian media publication Meduza, when quarantine is introduced at these military facilities, not only harsh measures are used, but also modern means of control, including unmanned aerial vehicles, which raises some questions as to what exactly were taken such harsh measures.

“The RF Ministry of Defense imposed quarantine at military training grounds of the Western Military District in the Leningrad, Nizhny Novgorod, Voronezh and Kursk Regions. The quarantine was introduced “as part of measures to increase the level of preparedness for solving problems in localizing emergency situations,” the ministry’s website reported. The quarantine is provided by the military police: people and vehicles are not allowed to landfills, the territory is patrolled using CCTV cameras and drones ”, - about it сообщает "Meduza".

We are talking about fairly large military facilities, used mainly by the forces of the Western Military District.

What exactly such harsh measures are connected with is not reported, at the same time, there are no official comments from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on this subject yet.

The whole country must be closed. People were given the opportunity to sit at home. No, they suddenly wanted to work, flew to Sochi to have fun, all flights must be closed even inside the country.

If even grandmothers became afraid, then the measure is justified ...

Enough that "reports Meduza." The same thing that one woman said in the market.

And they did the right thing. What is there to comment on: the army should always be alert.

are you all foolish? why should the army report on activities under the restrictions?

What other comments? Sit at home, eat chocolates, and do not stick your long nose where you should not, they will figure it out without you! You want comments about military facilities .... I wonder where such unhealthy curiosity comes from?

And who are you for the Ministry of Defense to “report” to you?!?!?

They would have closed it for a month at all. Everyone will be alive.

In Nizhny Novgorod, the same forces are concentrated at the exits, buses with the Russian Guard and armored vehicles with machine guns. They are waiting for announcements about the introduction of curfews, they will close the city if it is impossible to enter and leave. But this will happen when there will be many sick people, probably ...

No one will ever tell you the truth on TV, especially since the military is doing and why, all in the strictest confidence

Access to facilities is now possible only through quarantine of 14 days. We arrived on a business trip, were not allowed ... We are going back.

can democratic forces be poked?

They don’t write the truth at all, from the word at all.

When convoys of buses with military men were brought to Moscow, the government also said that they quarantined people like that, and drove grandmothers from shops in parks.

NATO conducts exercises, who knows how far they will lead .... you need to be prepared for everything.

Since there is no information, people will think anything. Therefore, our media is not particularly trusted. There is no promptness and not everyone writes the truth.

I do not like it in Russia, live in the USA.

And loafers - the protesters have long been sick

Medusa is a foreign agent. Forgot? They always lie.

Jellyfish is never a foreign agent. Independent media.
Zaregens in the territory of Latvia. And who is offshore ..... entirely foreign agents? Or do you not like their investigation into the cemetery mafia? I know that they helped Russian refugees from Middle Asia when no one was doing this. (I have a relative from there, I know) And I’m not noticed in a lie, I don’t remember the scandal.
Well, by the way, I don’t like “noodles,” Maxim.
But the local infa strained me. What is it for? The whole world is saving the main resource - human life, and the Russian Federation?

Do you know many warriors yourself?

Some do their job, others spy on them and try to guess someone else's work.

I want to write something on your absurd koment, but nothing comes to mind, absolutely nothing. It may offend you, but even here I don’t know how, or maybe call? Full without sense as my answer to your nonsense.

I also think that this is not just. Apparently, something is happening, and it is unlikely that it is a coronovirus. The struggle for power escalated?

Nothing is blocked. All conscripts are sent to quarantine. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has begun the construction of 40 infectious diseases hospitals, not only for the possible treatment of military personnel, but also of civilians. "Medusa" is a foreign agent, do not forget about it.

Everything is correct, in the barracks and precincts everyone who participated in the dispersal of rallies will be infected. And now they are “ON GUARD” - they catch infection in the crowd every day in order to spread CV-19 more widely, a multi-door gun?

It’s better to let the guards better, otherwise they themselves will explode themselves and explode. Though these warriors are useful for something

This measure is absolutely justified by the situation, it is a quarantine for the troops. If the units are not isolated outside the cities, there will be much faster infection. In the barracks and cockpits, the infection spreads much faster than in an apartment building!

This measure is absolutely justified by the situation, it is a quarantine for the troops. If the units are not isolated outside the cities, there will be much faster infection. In the barracks and cockpits, the infection spreads much faster than in an apartment building!

Objects are already under daily protection. And for compliance with the quarantine regime in the army, an order with an indication of an action plan and daily routine is enough. And this is something net. Not everything is visible smoothly in the "Danish Kingdom".

Correctly and do so that the sales paid so-called liberal force could not stick his nose in there !!!

Did they "hard" block themselves? Whose training grounds are army or private?

Preparing for the zombie apocalypse :)

Who cares about the reasons for such actions of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. If the sun acts one way or another, then it means so. And all talkers do not need to know about the reasons. There is the General Staff, he knows everything, but he won’t tell everyone.

Of course! All military installations must be guarded. Well, how are the distraught people in the event of a negative scenario, thrown in isolated cities, break out and seize weapons ??? Or the army itself, when infected, it gets out of control ??? Automation must be hidden ...

The scenarios of large-scale hard quarantine are being worked out at the very test sites. Train.

They are trying to isolate the country, but who will isolate the "isolators" themselves? Putin, except that he knows how.

The correct measures and indignation is not worth it.

They feel good. They are in the house.
And to someone in the hearth every day.

It will help if the permanent staff is in a barracks position

And what, before that, military facilities were not guarded by the military themselves? Had to call some new military?)

martial law and not casual. So it's not a bat from the Chinese bazaar. Q.E.D!

Clean zones do?

Right. If the key defense facilities of Russia become infected with the virus, the country's defense capability will be in jeopardy

And when did the Latvian Medusa agency become Russian? Foreign media agent.

Everything is done within the permissible limits. Anyone who has served in the army knows: “Usual reinforcement measures.”

.... it means there is something to worry about .... time is very bad now, all the attention is on coronavirus, and besides it there are objects of life support for the state .... if anyone does not know then there’s no one’s moratorium on terrorist and intelligence activities during the pandemic did not sign ....