Netherlands Navy


Russian troops are preparing trouble for a Dutch warship hurrying to the Black Sea to help Ukraine

The Dutch warship, heading to the Black Sea, is in for big trouble from the Russian complexes.

After the Netherlands announced that, as part of large-scale military maneuvers with a British aircraft carrier strike group, the Royal Navy will send its battleship Evertsen to the Black Sea, which, being equipped with powerful radars and air defense systems, will also have to cover British frigates. heading to this region, it became known that the Russian military was preparing for a powerful attack on the radar of a Dutch warship - the latter is clearly not ready to confront Russian electronic warfare systems and the crew will probably survive more than one air raid from the Russian Aerospace Forces - how phantom (under the influence of electronic warfare equipment on the ship's radar) and real.

HNLMS Evertsen will depart on May 22 to participate in the deployment of the British Aircraft Carrier Strike Group (AUG). Evertsen is involved in the group's air defense. The ship operates under the tactical command of the British commander of the AUG. Part of the strike group will be sent to the Black Sea. Evertsen will also make a visit there. ", - said earlier the Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands.

Experts note that the reason for sending the Dutch ship to the Black Sea is related to the existing risks that Russia will use its own means of fighter and bomber aircraft, however, the use of electronic suppression will become much more effective counteraction from Russia.

"The Russian military will simply block the radars of the Dutch ship, they may well arrange a raid of phantom targets, and in the end, almost certainly, Russian fighters and bombers will appear in the Evertsen area of ​​operation, ready to show NATO that any jokes with Russia can end very tragically.", - emphasizes the specialist.



It will simply be de-energized, turning it into a tub without a rudder and without sails. As has already been done with some UAVs. It will be lucky if it manages to drift lagged to the wave ... The exercises on emergency leaving the ship will work out. When the last boat pushes off the side of the ship, the main engine...