Russian troops massively destroy the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Vugledar

The positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine throughout Vuhledar are subjected to fierce bombardment.

After the Russian troops managed to organize an intensive offensive in the Ugledar direction and shift the fighting to the city limits of Vugledar, the positions of the Ukrainian troops in the city began to be subjected to fierce attacks. The corresponding video footage was taken from an unmanned aerial vehicle.

On the video footage of the battles for Vuhledar, you can see the infliction of massive rocket and artillery strikes on the positions of Ukrainian troops. Blows fall on almost the entire territory of Ugledar. This blocks the possibility for the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops, and also prevents the rapid regrouping and re-formation for attacks. Among other things, experts pay attention to the fact that strikes are delivered from several directions at once, which makes it possible to effectively hit the positions of the Ukrainian army in the city.

At the moment, it is known that Russian troops managed to block a number of approaches to the city. This testifies to its partial environment, which makes it possible to concentrate strikes for further advancement inland.

The Ukrainian military assess the situation in the city as extremely difficult and do not rule out that they will be forced to leave the city in the near future due to the threat of complete encirclement.


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