T-80 Tank


Russian troops begin the transition to tanks with jet engines

The Russian military began to receive the latest jet-powered tanks.

The press service of the Western Military District reported that the Kantemirovsk division of the Guards Tank Army has adopted 10 newest tanks with jet engines T-80BVM. We are talking about modernized vehicles, more adapted to carry out modern combat missions.

“A batch of ten T-80BVM tanks entered the Kantemirovskaya division of the Guards Tank Army of the Western Military District (ZVO). "The unit has received a batch of ten combat vehicles, which have been modernized," the press service of the Western Military District said in a statement to Interfax on Sunday. The ceremonial transfer of military equipment took place on Sunday at the Alabino training ground, the ZVO headquarters informs. According to him, "as early as next week, the first live fires will be conducted from all the armament of tanks." "The tankers are ready for their operation, since they were trained on the T-80BVM of the previous batch, which had previously entered the compound," the message says., - about it сообщает Interfax Edition.

Thanks to the modernization of these combat vehicles, all their existing characteristics have increased and improved, including combat power, maneuverability, speed, etc., which indicates the fact that the transition to these combat vehicles is a really qualitative approach to strengthening the Russian army.

Today, the Russian army has about 3500 tanks of this model of various modifications.

I read somewhere that they are in service with South Korea!

T80 yes, but t80bv and t80u were not removed from service, they are much better than simple t80. This tank is a deep modernization of the t80bv and is called the t80bvm. Improved booking, electronic stuffing and increased engine power. They will not buy them in large quantities, because maintenance is expensive.

Do not play sports with the author, writes reactive, so reactive, period! And also as in the movie "Taxi" caterpillars are hiding and wings are coming out!

Not a bad option for the north.

Are you laughing? Firstly, it's more likely just modernization or repair of tanks for conservation, Secondly, they would be silent about 10 pieces, it's funny

In what other tank army is the Kantemirovsk division ?! Maybe it is part of the general military army?
What kind of jet engines ?! Maybe gas turbine? What nonsense are you writing? !!!

This tank is designed for cold latitudes and no more) a breakthrough tank does not exist with modern types of weapons!

Yes, you are right, the gas turbine engine stood at 80.
But, this is a breakthrough tank, it eats so much ...
What should he do near Moscow, in Taman?

Quite right. Complete incompetence! Gas turbine does not mean jet.

Will the transmission survive? And how does the stabilizer behave? Why am I asking? I served as a gunner for T-62.

If the author does not see the difference between jet and gas turbine engines, then he has nothing to do in the media space.

but nothing that the T-80 was withdrawn from service in 2008. and now these are not new tanks, "alas" but they were returned from storage. although in 2008 they were considered unpromising ???