Russian troops began to leave the territory of Belarus

Satellite images of the Belarusian training grounds indicate a decrease in the joint grouping of joint troops in Belarus.

According to information provided by Belarusian information resources and satellite imagery data, in recent months, the grouping of Russian troops, previously deployed on the territory of Belarus as part of strengthening the defense of the so-called Union State, has seriously decreased. Judging by satellite images, several hundred units of military equipment and at least a thousand military personnel who had been here for a very long time left the territory of Belarus.

On satellite images of the Obuz-Lesnovsky training ground, one can see that military equipment is missing in very large quantities, while the tent camp has almost halved. Considering that each tent can accommodate approximately 30 people, with a minimum number of empty tents, at least 1000 Russian soldiers participated in the rotation at the training ground near Baranovichi.

Apparently, a similar situation is observed at other military facilities in Belarus and training grounds, although there is no official information on this subject either from Moscow or from Minsk.

Earlier it was reported that at least 13 Russian military personnel arrived on the territory of Belarus as part of strengthening the defense capability of the Union State. In particular, information on this subject was voiced by the President of the neighboring state, Alexander Lukashenko.


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