Russian troops stop Azerbaijan's new attack on Armenia

The Russian military blocked Azerbaijan's attack on Armenia.

Azerbaijan's new attack on Armenia was blocked by the promptly arrived forces of the Russian army. This completely refutes the statement of the Azerbaijani leader that he personally gave an order to the country's defense minister to stop clashes in the Kalbajar region.

According to the Russian information resource "Russian Spring", it was thanks to the prompt appearance of the Russian military on armored vehicles that new clashes were avoided.

“They said in Yerevan that the Azerbaijani Armed Forces struck with artillery and drones. In Baku, they responded with accusations and denied the use of UAVs and howitzers. At the disposal of the military correspondents of "Russian Spring" were footage of the battle, where a drone was flying over the positions and Armenian fighters were firing at it. The cause of the collision was the lack of agreement between the parties on the use of the general-purpose road. The aggravation was stopped with the help of Russian peacekeepers ", - said in the publication.

It should be noted that this is probably the reason for Aliyev's threats to Russia and the CSTO countries, expressed against the background of a new aggravation in relations between Baku and Yerevan.

The Russian military has not yet commented on the current situation, but the situation in the region again threatens to escalate into a serious armed conflict, including with the intervention of Russia, for which Armenia is an important ally and partner.


Lifelong bajstvo "promised". Only the Hosts both promise and easily refuse promises :)

Do not write nonsense! Armenians do not need a war at all. And here is Aliyev. who imagines himself to be a great commander, having his master behind him, in the person of Erdogan, will puff up. I wonder what the "great shimmering rammer" promised Aliyev ?!

To give the Armenians normal weapons, they will do everything themselves and there is no need to fight for anyone! If they had given it earlier, then drones would not be flying over the Donbass now and people would not die.

Let them fight if they like. This is their private Caucasian business.

Who is Aliyev and how can he threaten Russia.

How can you "block an attack"?

Again a "drone" and "Armenian soldiers are firing at it" from .. 3-hlineek ?! What century is in Armenia?!

The dreams of the Armenians about the war of Russia against Azerbaijan, and they will do everything for this, will go to any provocations ..

It is time for the Azeris to understand that in the current world situation, no one else will stand on ceremony with them. Just bombed and driven into the stone age and all.



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