Russian troops intercepted an American military patrol in Syria. Video

The Russian military blocked the passage of American troops, intercepting armored vehicles in the Tel Tamra region.

A few hours ago it became known that Russian troops were able to intercept a convoy of US troops in northern Syria, who tried to illegally penetrate the central part of the Arab Republic. The armored vehicles of the US military were blocked and could not go any further.

“The Russian military again blocked the patrol of the US Armed Forces in Syria. The incident occurred in the Syrian city of Tel Tamr in the province of Hasek. According to the channel, the reason for the blocking of the American patrol was that the US military did not agree in advance on the passage of their convoy through the territory, as the “protocol on deconfliction” concluded between Moscow and Washington obliges to do. As noted, the meeting between the Russian and American military lasted only a few minutes. After clarifying the situation on the Russian side, US troops had to turn around and move back. "- сообщает publication.

The US military is failing with an attempt to enter the central part of the Arab Republic bypassing the Syrian military checkpoints by no means the first time, however, it is noteworthy that some Western resources, and this information was subsequently picked up by some Russian sources, report that it was the American side that intercepted the Russian military.

“The patrol of the Russian military police, performing tasks on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, once again ran into an obstacle in the face of American troops who refused to miss Russian equipment. The incident occurred near the city of Tel Tamr "- приводит the Russian Dialogue’s own version of what happened, which, as it turned out, is not true.

It is not known what exactly the attempts of the US military to get into the central part of Syria are related to.