Russian troops in Syria


Russian troops "appeared" throughout northern Syria

Turkish troops cannot launch an offensive in Syria due to the "appearance" of Russian troops.

The Turkish army, which was supposed to launch an offensive in the northern part of Syria, was forced to curtail the offensive operation and even stop striking the territory of the northern regions of the Arab republic after the "Olive Branch" and "Shield of the Euphrates" Russian checkpoints were deployed. There are no official statements from the command of the Russian Armed Forces on this score yet, however, according to some information, Russian military men could indeed appear on some of the positions of the Kurdish formations, while on others Russian state flags were simply placed - any aggression in In this case, it can become fatal for Turkey and official Ankara.

In the presented photo you can see the observation point in the area of ​​the city of Ain Issa. According to sources, we are talking about the observation post of the Syrian Democratic Forces, over which the Russian state flag was hoisted. In other words, any attack from the Turkish army will become a direct aggression against Russia, and given the fact that Russian military personnel may also be located here, Erdogan is unlikely to take risks for the sake of his own ambitions, realizing that subsequent Russian strikes will destroy all Turkish forces in region.

The pro-Turkish media have already called the actions of the Kurds and Russia a provocation against Turkey, however, the Russian side resolutely opposes any Turkish aggression on the territory of Syria, which Erdogan has already been made clear about.

The trick of the Kurds with Russian flags reminds us of how the owners of expensive foreign cars hang them with St. George's bows: they say, we are yours, not bourgeois ones!