Russian troops continue to fight for Krasnogorovka


Russian troops continue to fight for Krasnogorovka

In Krasnogorovka, fierce urban battles continue between the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) and Russian troops. According to reports from the scene, in the Karlovka area there is active fighting on the outskirts of the village and on both sides of the Karlovka Reservoir, where Russian forces have achieved tactical successes.

In Yasnobrodovka, Russian troops also advanced inside the village, indicating an ongoing offensive. According to military sources, minor successes of Russian units were recorded in the Novoselovka First area, which emphasizes their strategic initiative in this direction.

Fierce fighting is taking place in Sokol, where the Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to hold their positions despite intense pressure from Russian forces. The situation in the village remains extremely tense and both sides are actively fighting for control of strategically important territories.


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