Russian troops advanced in the direction of the Konstantinovka-Chasov Yar-Bakhmut road south of Ivanovskoye

Russian units managed to break through the defense line of the Armed Forces of Ukraine south of Ivanovskoye.

The advance of Russian troops in this direction provides Russian units with the opportunity to successfully encircle not only Bakhmut (Artemovsk) itself, but also settlements located to the west of it. According to military analysts, in this way, Russian units are trying to gain a tactical advantage and minimize the likelihood of counterattacks by Ukrainian troops from the flanks.

At the moment, units of PMC "Wagner" control about 70% of the territory of Bakhmut. However, in recent years, progress has been recorded not so actively. This is due primarily to the fact that the enemy is actively using armored vehicles and artillery, carrying out attacks on Bakhmut almost non-stop.

Given the current situation on the territory of Bakhmut and its environs, it may take at least one more month to completely control the city. However, based on the data voiced by Wagner PMC, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are accumulating large forces. In particular, at the moment there is a grouping of Ukrainian troops numbering about 80 thousand people to the west of Bakhmut.


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