Russian troops in Syria have unequivocally pointed a 23-mm gantrack on American armored vehicles

The Russian military has shown Americans superiority in Syria.

A few hours ago, the Russian military, under unknown circumstances, missed a few seconds away with American troops near the city of Kamyshly. In order to demonstrate decisiveness to the American military patrol, the Russian military took the place for 23 mm. ZU-23 anti-aircraft installation on the platform of the Kamaz truck, directing the latter by no means to the side of the road, but directly to American armored vehicles.

“The footage shows that the military vehicles of the two countries followed each other near the city of Kamyshly. This time, no clashes were recorded between the parties. It is also noted that the Russian Kamaz transported the ZU-23 twin anti-aircraft gun ”- сообщает publication "".

This is by no means the first time that the Russian military clashes with US troops during patrols, and, obviously, the use of a 23 mm gantrack is a way of demonstrating power to the American military, provided that the installation itself was not transported to one of the possible Russian or Syrian checkpoints the military.

Despite the active confrontation between the Russian and American military in Syria, any serious incidents can be avoided.

It was high time to do this. In general, they could have fired on wheels. In order not to catch up.

Well done, Russia, it’s time to play with the muscles, they already got everyone