Russian Aerospace Forces strikes


Russian troops in Syria are trying to surround several thousand Turkish terrorists

Thousands of Turkish terrorists may be surrounded in Idlib.

Against the background of Turkey's unwillingness to adhere to the existing agreements on de-escalation of the situation in Syria, it became known that directed strikes by the Russian Aerospace Forces and the SAA make it possible not only to liberate a significant part of Syrian territory, but also to encircle up to 2-2,5 thousand Turkish militants ... It is for this reason that the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian artillery are working in areas located south of the M4 highway in Idlib province.

Experts pay attention to the fact that the intensive strikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces and the artillery strikes of the SAA are actually being subjected to one and the same direction. In recent years, the intensification of attacks has increased dramatically. According to some reports, there may be up to 2.5 thousand Turkish militants in the region, and if the latter try to counter-attack the position of the SAA, then there is a real opportunity to take the terrorists into the cauldron and destroy, thereby liberating a significant part of Syrian territory and gaining control over the M4 highway. ...

It is noteworthy that the work of the Russian military aviation is significantly hampered by the fact that the militants located here are armed with MANPADS. One of them recently shot down the Russian reconnaissance UAV Forpost.

Experts note that if the militants really succeed in encircling them, this will be a powerful blow to terrorists, as it will open up the possibility for force attacks on militants from several fronts at once.

There are only enemies around - we are at war with the whole world.

Let's heal!

which suggests that soon turkey as a state will cease to exist ...

"Russian troops in Syria ..." another Hailey Likely. How much did the author get paid for this?

Why surround the American militants ...