Russian troops are attacking Novomikhailovka, trying to reach the rear of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Ugledar

The Ukrainian General Staff does not recognize the complete loss of control over Marinka, but admits that the situation for the Ukrainian garrison in this area is extremely difficult. At the same time, information appeared in the report of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine about the repulsed attacks of Russian troops on Novomikhailovka, which is a significant moment in the current development of the situation.

Novomikhailovka, together with the villages of Paraskovievka and Konstantinovka, forms a chain of settlements between Marinka and Ugledar. The indication of military operations in this area by the Ukrainian command indicates that the Russian Armed Forces are not only seeking to expand the zone of control in the Marinka area, but also intend to cut up the enemy group. The success of Russian troops in Novomikhailovka may lead to the possibility of reaching the rear of the Ugledar garrison of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The complexity of the situation is aggravated by the fact that the Ukrainian command is trying to transfer forces from the South Donetsk direction to the western outskirts of Marinka, where control of the Russian Armed Forces has already been established. In addition, from the south of Vugledar, in the Pavlovka region, Ukrainian troops are also experiencing pressure from Russian units.


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