Russian troops are advancing in the direction of Stelmahovka, preparing to occupy the border of the LPR and the Kharkov region

The Russian army is advancing in the direction of Stelmakhovka.

This morning it became known about the intentions of the Russian army to advance in the direction of the settlement. Stelmakhovka. Taking into account the fact that this settlement is located only 3 kilometers from the border of the LPR and the Kharkov region, the organization of the offensive here provides the opportunity to reach the border of the Lugansk region and take it under control.

At the moment, it is known that Russian troops are trying to develop an offensive in this direction, however, there is no information on where exactly the battles are taking place. Experts note that due to the offensive launched in this direction and the lack of fortifications of the Armed Forces of Ukraine here, Ukrainian troops are forced to retreat from previously controlled territories without a fight.

It is known that earlier a large number of Russian T-90M "Breakthrough" tanks were deployed to the Svatovo region, which successfully proved themselves both in protection and in weapons, and, probably, it is for this reason that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are forced to retreat either without a fight or with serious losses. , since the Ukrainian army does not have effective weapons to combat this Russian military equipment.


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