Russian troops in Ain Iss


Russian troops entered Ain Issa - armored vehicles and hundreds of servicemen

Russian troops began to strengthen the defense of Ain Issa.

This afternoon, Russian armored vehicles and up to several hundred servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation were transferred to the Syrian city of Ain Issa, and according to other sources, to Tel Tamr. The increase is observed against the background of the transfer of Turkish armored vehicles to northern Syria, as well as several attempts by jihadists to storm the city of Ain Issa with observation posts of the Russian military located there.

On the presented video frames, you can see a convoy of Russian military equipment, which included armored vehicles, an armored personnel carrier BTR-82A and several trucks carrying military personnel, weapons and ammunition. Taking into account the information that appeared earlier, today the number of Russian military in Ain Issa can reach 700-800 people.

A number of Russian experts refuse to see any tension in the region, however, the same attacks by pro-Turkish militants on the outskirts of Ain Issa indicate that the situation in this part of the Arab Republic is escalating rather quickly, and, moreover, it is quite remarkable that the escalation began after of how the Russian and Syrian military refused to transfer the region to Turkish control.

It should be noted that the matter did not come to direct clashes between jihadists and Turkish forces with the Russian military, however, the tension indicates a new round of conflict.

In Russia, at the official level, they do not say "the United States is a hostile country." Proceeding from this, one can see the bias and bias towards Russia, so that it is not done. Banning the Russian UAV is a confirmation of its good performance :)) It's like in the classic version - "
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