Russian troops entered Maksimilyanovka


Russian troops entered Maksimilyanovka

In the Kurakhovsky operational direction, a significant advance of assault platoon-tactical units of the 5th separate motorized rifle brigade of the Russian Ground Forces was recorded. The units entered the development of the village of Maksimilyanovka, establishing physical control over the private sector on the eastern side of Shevchenko Street.

Currently, an intense counter-battery “duel” is unfolding in the Marinka-Ostroye area. Crews of 122 mm D-30 howitzers and 152 mm D-20 howitzers of Russian troops are attempting to suppress Ukrainian positions equipped with 120 mm MO-120RT-61 mortars and 105 mm M119A3 towed howitzers. These actions are aimed at creating safer loopholes for assault groups to break through to Maksimilyanovka.

Fierce fighting in this sector of the front emphasizes the desire of Russian troops to consolidate their positions and ensure further advance.


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