Russian troops knocked out Azerbaijani military from the territory of Armenia

The Azerbaijani army cowardly retreated under the onslaught of the Russian military.

The Azerbaijani troops, which violated the Armenian border and placed their fortifications in the region, were forced to urgently evacuate after the Russian troops occupied the village of Yekhtsaokh in the Shusha region.

Sources in Artsakh report that, thanks to the appearance of Russian peacekeepers in the area of ​​the settlement of Yekhtsokh, Azerbaijani forces were forced to immediately begin a retreat. According to various sources, we are talking about several dozen or even hundreds of servicemen.

"The Azerbaijani army was forced to leave the territory of Armenia, realizing that clashes with Russian peacekeepers could lead to very serious problems in relations with Russia, especially after Yerevan's repeated calls to intervene in the situation to the CSTO member states.", - the expert marks.

Clashes between the Azerbaijani and Armenian military are recorded almost daily. At the same time, the Azerbaijani side uses various types of weapons, moreover, not only to create provocations, but also to eliminate the observation posts of the Armenian army.


Indicate which documents you are referring to, or is it your imagination.

Hare? Between the wolves? Easy - invite a bear ...

Frightened by the Russian troops ?!))) Ivans shake in front of the Azerbaijanis in Karabakh. I saw it myself with my own eyes. Russia OCCUPANT, Russia Aggressor. Russia occupied Chechnya having lost 25 thousand soldiers, Occupied Ossetia, Abkhazia from Georgia, Brazenly occupied Crimea ... dividing Ukraine into 3 parts ... holds Armenia as a puppet ... I have a question for the Armenians, just a question without hatred, Turkey to the left with the right Azerbaijan, how can a hare live between wolves ??? Smart country was friends. We ordinary people can respect each other and think sensibly who is who

Again, Armenian lies, from the beginning to the end of the article. There was nothing of the kind. Sucked out of a finger, perhaps from the 21st.

It's time for russia to put the rams in a stall, rams cannot live without a shepherd, otherwise they will butt each other

You must be pleased to play the Armenian pipe. They rightly think that culture was given in Russia. Before the arrival of Armenians in Russia, the Russian man did not even know the word bath

Ilham is itching ...

Bravo, Andrey!

Actually, there was an agreement dated November 09 to return all the settlers. Azerbaijanis lived in Iravan, Goych and Zangazur, from where they got up in 1987.

Hello Andrey, I completely agree with you.

• Ashot I - 885-890 years
• Smbat I - 890-914 years
• Ashot II the Iron - 914-928 / 929 years
• Abas I - 928 / 929-952
• Ashot III the Merciful - 952-977 years
• Smbat II - 977-989 / 990 years
• Gagik I - 989 / 990-1020
• Hovhannes-Smbat - 1020-1041
• Ashot IV - 1022-1040 years (co-ruler)
• Gagik II - 1042-1045

Russia has been and will be the main provocateur in the world. There was no such thing.

Words GARA Azerbaijani owl, translated BLACK, BUG translated GARDEN. Black Garden. Armenians expelled from Iran after 1828 moved to Garab

... with zero LIKE PENSION

Russia was, is and wakes up a country that unites under its protection many peoples with different historical roots, giving them the opportunity to live in peace, remembering that they are all people: men and women, living on the same earth, under the same sky, breathing with the same air, dreaming of simple human happiness. Remember that we are all people first and foremost! And it is not so important what color of skin, in what country you were born, what language you speak. All the same, we are all the same, although each of us is individual in his own way. Respect yourself and those around you, value your family and people close to you, help the weak, learn to notice the beauty around you, be proud of your history and nationality, but do not once consider other people worse than yourself just because they are of a different nationality or were born in a different country. Happiness to everyone, health and longevity, wisdom, patience and a peaceful sky overhead.

Well, it's great Apmyane as well as Ayzerbodzhans for Russia, let's say frankly as partners or friends, nothing at all, but you can practice putting things in order in the region, they hate each other there and will continue to do this until they kill each other, because the consciousness of the cave cannot do anything here.

Artur R. Sargsyan, name the Armenian ruler (king, king, etc.) of some Armenian state over the past 1000 years, and I personally agree with you.
PS Legends about Ike don't count)))))

Author, Shusha is located near Azerbaijan. You confused something.

And what about Russia?

Yes. These guys were always brave when 5v1.

lie, there are no Russian soldiers there.

There are mutual interstate multilateral agreements ... please fulfill ... do not bring to coercive measures ...

So they can get lost in herds and attack the defenseless, as an adequate force appears, they immediately scatter. They behave in the same way in the Russian Federation. Think back to recent news.

"Warriors" in the bazaars ... !!!

The tale of the peoples of Zimbabwe

Now the Russian troops need to drive the Armenians out of the territory of Russia.

Karabakh has never been Azerbaijani because Azerbaijan itself as a state did not exist Rufo read history and then draw a conclusion

and Russia is 7500 years old

Alexander: Karabakh is an internationally recognized territory of Azerbaijan. Including recognized by Russia itself. And when 30 years ago the Armenians created a "security belt" from the primordial Azerbaijani lands and throughout the entire time destroyed, exploited, plundered the wealth of Azerbaijan, did anyone wonder why, on what basis? And this is called a state that is unable to defend its own borders. Well. what, finished badly?

If not for Russia, then the Azerbaijani army would be in Yerevan. The Turks did not see, but our Russian officers) were full near the border with Azerbaijan.

Both Azerbadzhan and Russia and Turkey are afraid of a high court. A document that confirms all rights to these territories. The document is signed by 18 countries of the world, including the signature of Turkey. This is the only legally recognized document. It is impossible to avoid this. This is a document signed by Woodrow Wilson. Where the territory of great Armenia is clearly written.

Historically, Armenian Karabakh or Azerbaijan is a separate and complex issue. I am not a supporter of Pashinyan and not an opponent of Azerbaijan. But the fact that Aliyev openly does not hesitate to say that Azerbaijanis will soon live in Yerevan, and the fact that he wants to unleash another victorious war, if possible, on the territory of existing Armenia is a fact. Now this man just insolently wants the territories de Jure of a foreign state. For no particular reason. Simply because Armenians are weak and can be defeated. Of course, at the expense of the destruction of hundreds of people, but these are details. This should be interpreted precisely as the outbreak of war and an attack on another state!

We need to help the Azerbaijani nation in treatment. It is currently ranked 4th in the world for thalassemia disease.

They have it in their blood, they even created the state (Armenian SSR) by killing the peoples of Central Asia together with Frunze. Study history.

Azerbaijani guys are warriors.

This is not called "we knocked out" the Azeris, but "we were used as a human shield."

And you yourself know the history of the creation of the Armenian SSR under Lenin, in order to create their statehood, they killed completely innocent people, in Central Asia, together with Frunze, you have to answer for everything they did, teach history.

The "Republic of Azerbaijan" has turned 3500 years old.
As time went. Life was getting better ...

Karabakh is Armenia, teach history

Either the Azerbaijanis sat behind the Turks. And who led the Azerbaijanis in the battles? Turkish generals. That's the whole answer about them.

How the GREAT POWS decide it will be so (and Azerbaijan does not apply to them)

Karabakh is the territory of Azerbaijan, and the Azerbaijani army did not "run away cowardly", but retreated by agreement with the Russian Federation, the Armenian leadership is apparently unable to decide anything. And cowards always hide behind the back of the strong.

Artsakh has never been Azerbaijani, and never will be !!! Artsakh will be returned by Armenia !! Read the history of centuries-old, and not forcibly implanted shameless fiction of Aliyev at which the world laughs !!

Well, at least cowardice, sorry - you do not deny the prudence of the Azeri army ...

Since when is Karabakh a territory of Armenia? Are you the press or the provocateurs? Or is your boss already Armenian? Karabakh was and will remain the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan !!!



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