Russian troops drove the Armed Forces of Ukraine out of the village of Podgorodnoye in the northeast of Bakhmut

Russian troops entered the territory of the village of Podgorodnoye in the northeast of Bakhmut.

The capture of this settlement provides an opportunity to encircle the city, which Ukrainian troops have been holding since August, and taking into account, as stated earlier, the plight of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the situation for the Ukrainian army in Bakhmut can be very deplorable.

The settlement Podgorodnoye is located in the northeast of Bakhmut. Given that the eastern outskirts of the city are already occupied by Russian troops, and in the south, the units of the Russian army also managed to advance significantly, it is likely that as soon as Russian troops approach the city itself, it will be possible to dislodge Ukrainian units from at least half of this settlement.

Bakhmut today is an important, from the point of view of tactics, settlement, which allows you to control a large territory and organize an offensive both in the western and eastern directions. In this regard, Ukrainian troops still keep it under their control, despite the declared heavy losses.


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