Russian troops took control of the settlement. Sacco and Vanzetti north of Soledar

The settlement of Sacco and Vanzetti is completely controlled by Russian forces.

Russian troops are intensively advancing north from Soledar, pushing the Armed Forces of Ukraine to Seversk. As it became known, already today, Russian troops and volunteer formations took control of the settlement of Sacco and Vanzetti, advancing 5 kilometers north of Soledar.

The fighting for the settlement of Sacco and Vanzetti began a few days ago and, thanks to intense offensive operations, Russian forces managed to completely drive out Ukrainian units and units of foreign mercenaries from the territory of this settlement.

Given the intensive advance in this direction, the opportunity arose for the Russian forces to take control of the city of Seversk. At the moment, Russian troops are separated from it by a distance of about 11 kilometers, however, there are three more settlements on the way, which are controlled by Ukrainian troops. In the event that Seversk is taken under control, this will completely exclude further attacks by the Ukrainian army from the south on Lisichansk and the settlement. Rubezhnoye and will allow launching an offensive on Yampol, Liman and Slavyansk.


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