Russian troops took control of the highway leading from Pokrovsky to Vugledar

Russian troops continue to surround Ugledar, taking up new positions.

On the fourth day after the start of the assault on the Ugledar direction, Russian troops managed to completely cut off Ugledar from the road to Pokrovskoye. This, thus, complicates the process of supplying the Ukrainian military and provides an opportunity for the continuation of the encirclement of the city. The situation in the region is currently critical for the Ukrainian army, and the latter has already begun to withdraw troops deep into the city to avoid encirclement.

“Russian units have taken control of the highway leading from Pokrovsky to Ugledar, and are occupying new positions on the outskirts of the city”, - said the adviser to the head of the DPR Pushilin.

The intensity of the advance of the Russian troops was extremely high. At the same time, it is known that the Armed Forces of Ukraine had to use even combat aircraft in this direction, ignoring the danger of using Russian air defense systems, however, apparently, this did not bring any advantage to the Ukrainian army.

According to experts, due to the rapid encirclement of Vuhledar, the Armed Forces of Ukraine may lose control over it by the end of this week.

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