Russian troops


Russian troops surrounded the Ukrainian military

Large forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were surrounded by Russian troops.

Against the background of the escalation of the situation in the Donbass and along the Russian border in Crimea, the Ukrainian military responsible for the tension of the situation unexpectedly found themselves surrounded by Russian forces, in particular, it is known that the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, numbering about 105 thousand people, were under a Russian attack in Crimea.

According to information obtained by the news agency, in addition to the deployment of the largest Russian forces in Crimea, Russian troops were deployed only 13 kilometers from the border of Transnistria and Ukraine - in case of provocation from the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Russia is ready to strike a powerful blow on the Ukrainian army, which is surrounded from the south and west by Russian forces, and from the east by the forces of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk people's republics.

“Today, for the first time, the movement of military equipment in the Republic of Transnistria was noticed (documented). Tilt Urals and armored personnel carriers were seen in the area of ​​the Tiraspol airfield. From there to the borders of Ukraine 13 km. ", - informs" Telegram "-the community" Hunter's Notes ".

Judging by the data presented, Russia is indeed deploying serious forces to the border with Ukraine.

Why are there Chinese in the photo?

Brad, the photo shows a review of weapons and military equipment of the Armed Forces of Russia and the PLA at the Tsugol training ground, the author does not carry a blizzard.

You are mistaken, 16 km remained.

judging by the photo, the Chinese troops surrounded the Ukrainian military

And the picture is with the Chinese troops ..

and that the date in Russian can no longer be written?

NATO will not be able to resist the Russians .... Ukrainians generally do not take seriously ... drunken Cossacks. Intervention by the United States and its black soldiers will only add to the excitement. In Russia, black prisoners of war had not yet worked on construction sites, the rest was.

and how many will even have no one to send

This scrap metal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be very useful for the ferrous metallurgy of the young states of the LPR.

How serious can this site be if it has managed to confuse Chinese soldiers and tanks with Russian

What an environment. One Black Sea Fleet will level the whole of Ukraine with its calibers. Are you laughing.

Cool! The Chinese are for us.

How many Russian mothers will receive a funeral from a foreign country.

The encirclement is a very real scenario, but yesterday's methods of conducting military operations. Now everything should be different, the political instructors Klochkovs are no longer needed. Only determination, sober calculation and a real assessment of the enemy will help. Delay will only exacerbate the conflict that has already occurred, all metastases will need to be tightly cut off. Well, if the APU is surrounded by the Chinese, we have nothing to do with it.

... and they were apparently surrounded by Chinese troops (which are in the photo).

Some kind of delirium, the Chinese are in the photo ...)))

No need to lie about the environment, or who did not surround anyone. And taking into account the fact that the founder of the channel is a citizen of Ukraine, as well as several "journalists" of this channel, information about the environment is pure lies.

They have no money. NATO is expensive.

It was not Russian waxes, but Chinese ones who surrounded the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The photo clearly shows that the Chinese.

No, why did they reach Poti. Those. passed aside from Tbilisi to the Black Sea coast.

Talk to old people who survived the war of 1941/45, and then talk about who and how will hit

If I had money I would be in not wondering whose it is. And the APU got some money? The doors are open, go, spend if you have something to spend.

Because the tanks are Chinese

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And there is no other way out.

That's right!

It's funny! the picture shows the Chinese. We don't have such tanks, and the flags and stars are Chinese. And if you enlarge the photo, there are Chinese fighters in the ranks. Another fake.

if the massacre starts, then there will be no one else to write a comment !!!

Something does not look like Russian troops, the flags of China in mine

All the currency is there, and war is money

Moldova will never play with Ukraine

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70 km did not reach Tbilisi, it was 2008, and 2021, after studying the history you can understand where you will get

Ukraine urgently needs to join NATO.

Why are there Chinese flags on the tanks?

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Switzerland, all wars passed it by.

Vo composes))) there is no APU in Crimea!

If only to yap for the sake of the west. Otherwise, the owner of the bones will not give.

Oh, I am just one of those who receive $ 200. There are 20 million of us in the country. This is a white salary. It is 1/6 of all gray.

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It would be interesting ... how Georgia and Ukraine would fight against "Caliber", "Iskander" and other "Bastions". This is not to shoot at sleeping Tskhinval, not to water the cities of Donbass with phosphorus.

Moldovans will throw Russians' hats over. They have not an army, but a beast !!!. And the Georgians have the same thing, as they will be thrown across the Russian Federation and on the shoulders of the enemy they will enter the white stone.))

Choir named after Rope + ensemble Zhokh and gryzunsky Orera ... concert on the occasion of the liberation of the Ukrainian SSR from Nazi occupation

Well done Vladimir Vladimirovich! We must be on the alert, in no way should we be taken by surprise as in June 1941, Russia must also protect the people of the LPR and DPR from terrorist attacks! I am very proud of our Russia, our Army!

From Tiraspol to the Ukrainian border at least 50 kilometers !!!

If we take into account the borders of Russia, Transnistria and Belarus, then the Ukrainian Armed Forces have always been and will forever remain surrounded)))))

There is no Ukrainian Armed Forces in Crimea.

Will be May 9

Lived. Already the Chinese have become Russian troops!

And if the other way around? Will Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine agree and act at the same time?

and the Chinese have to do with it?

And it was not necessary to offend our boys in the DPR and LPR!

What kind of Russia do you live in? There are 200 USD working here. do not receive.

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Chinese troops in the photo;)

please look at the background

How to make a good stuffing? 1. Find a photo of the Chinese army. 2. Rearrange a few letters to make Russia. 3. Woo-ala

And what country can last a day without an army?

It means if. Ukraine will rock the boat; troops will go from three sides and liberate the entire left-bank part of Ukraine from the fascist invaders

And Ukraine?

China also has a claim to Ukraine and other representatives of the "democratic" world. See the world, show yourself ...

What people? In Ukraine? So why did they overthrow the Yanyk? In Russia, the unemployed receive $ 200. Trust Ukrainian television more.

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Ivan, do you want what would be like in Ukraine? External control, troops, also not your own?

How did you measure this distance? "... Russian troops were deployed only 13 kilometers from the border of Transnistria and Ukraine ..."

It really is the Chinese army in the foreground, followed by Russian tanks, armored personnel carriers, and Kamaz Urals. The photo was taken during a Russian-Chinese exercise. On our tanks there is an order of the Guards.

Why did you upload photos of the Chinese?

The Ukrainian Armed Forces slowed down preparations for the offensive ... Ze is waiting for real help from NATO, and they are calculating options and preparing for a military confrontation with Russia. A real war is being prepared with Kiev's allies and the Russian Federation. The only way out is to follow the example of the Bolsheviks in WWI and to propagandize the Armed Forces of Ukraine, to force them to refuse to participate in Kiev's adventure.

Quite possible. Russia is ready to resolve the issue of severing the Black Sea regions from Ukraine and joining them in Novorossia. This is if Donbass does not want to once again free Kiev from the Nazis and nationalists.

And on the photo there are Chinese units, are they also in the Crimea?

And in the photo, exactly Russian troops?

Just on Russian tanks, Chinese motors from SICH

If you do not understand, then it is better to consult with a normal person.

And where is Transnistria, and where are the LPR and DPR? With the same success, the Armed Forces of NATO countries surrounded the Armed Forces of Russia. At least they would have looked at the map.

You have nothing to worry about, you will get your money from the State Department

We, in fact, do not care how much you get in Ukraine. If $ 200, it means $ 200. Soon you will not receive this either. Glory to ze.

It’s just a stupid one who doesn’t understand that Russia cannot hold out even a day without an army.

If you want to get more dollars, go where this money is in use.

Of course Chinese !!! And in the background are Chinese KAMAZ trucks, Urals and Russian armored personnel carriers.

Of course, I'm not in favor of military actions, although in some cases they will benefit rather than naturally through expectation, but Russia is getting closer and closer very happy.

This was to be expected, as the saying goes: Everything has its time, but why are there Chinese and not Russian tanks in the photo?

this is where the money goes, Putin is playing howling, and people receive $ 200 a month and should be happy.

Judging by the photo, the Chinese army is surrounding someone ..