Russian troops forced the Turkish army in northern Syria to retreat immediately

The full-scale offensive of Turkish forces in northern Syria was stopped by the Russian military.

The Turkish army was forced to temporarily suspend its offensive operation in northern Syria after the Russian military was deployed to the positions of Kurdish formations in the region. We are talking about the raising of Russian flags, as previously reported by the news agency, as well as the deployment of the Russian military contingent in the region. Information on this subject is provided by the publication "Halab Today".

“Russian forces raised their flags in place of those of the Syrian Democratic Forces on Sunday at several locations on the outskirts of Ain Issa north of Raqqa governorate, a step to halt expected Turkish military movements to the east. Russian troops reportedly raised their flags in the villages of Al-Kantari and Al-Tarwaziya in the northeast of Raqqa governorate, and in the Camp and Al-Hoshan areas west of the city of Ain Issa. Arrangements were made with local factions with Russia to raise the flags of Russia and Syria in lieu of the flags of the SDF in order to stop Turkish movement east of the Euphrates. Russian troops raised six Russian flags in the aforementioned areas over the headquarters of the Syrian Democratic Forces ", - said in the published material of the publication "Halab Today".

At the same time, a number of sources in Syria report that the Russian military is looking for ways to supply its units in northeastern Syria, fearing that Turkey will seize the M4 highway, thereby completely blocking Russian troops in this region of the Arab republic.

Yes, you missed something)

Vladimir, where did you see this information. our troops are in Syria on an official basis, unlike the troops of the United States and Turkey

Why should the Kurds be protected by Russian troops, why are they not protected by their beloved Americans from Turkey? Yes, because the Americans who are in Syria will never fight because of the Kurds with Turkey, besides being a NATO partner. Rather, they will abandon them as the Avgans were abandoned in Afghanistan.

If you missed something then it's not a big problem

It is not clear whether they announced to us that our troops were withdrawn from Syria or I missed something.