Russian Tu-95 nuclear bombers enchantingly "congratulated" Americans on Independence Day heading for US borders

The Russian Aerospace Forces staged an enchanting congratulation of Americans on US Independence Day, sending nuclear bombers to the borders.

The Russian Aerospace Forces lifted at least three strategic missile-carrying bomber, which went to the American borders to fulfill combat missions. One of the possible reasons for the flights of Russian strategic aviation at the American borders is the response to American provocations, and the Tu-95 enchantingly and symbolically "congratulated" the American people on Independence Day, hinting at the fact that Russia is nearby and is always ready to answer any Washington's actions.

“At least three missile carriers, estimated Tu-95MS, are now in the air. The route is still not completely clear, but something tells us that this is somehow Russian-aviation traditional, connected with the congratulations of the American people on the upcoming Independence Day. ”- reports "Telegram" community "Operation Line".

Resource became aware that Russian strategic bombers were accompanied by fighter aircraft of the Russian Air Force, and as follows from a message from the Telegram channel of the “Notes of the Hunter”, we are talking about five strategic bombers.

“Board 34025 and 94229 work with CLEANING, 99774 and 99775 with GRAD, 94238 with MEDYA”, - it is told in the message.

The American side has not yet commented on the flight of Russian strategic bombers on the eve of US Independence Day near the American borders, however, Washington is obviously dissatisfied with such "congratulations" of Russian "strategists".

95th fly since 1956! In the 70s and 80s, they "congratulated" the United States almost weekly. And now we are glad that we flew somewhere a couple of times a year! Sad ...

Have they violated any borders? And how did the USA find out about them? And how do you know that they did not recognize, but are unhappy?