The launch of missiles


Russian nuclear missiles demolish the American dream of ideal war

Dozens of Russian nuclear missiles will nullify the “American dream” of a lossless war

US media reported that the United States is going to revise the concept of hostilities. The main role they intend to assign unmanned aerial vehicles. According to the American side, such an approach would ensure military operations without casualties.

Political analyst Sergei Mikheev, on the TV channel "Tsargrad" expressed disagreement with this assessment of military action. A Russian political analyst recalled that the “American dream” of using drones appeared after the end of the Vietnam War. Then the States lost 60 thousand people. After that, the Americans lost the desire to meet with anyone in open battle. The Pentagon has since become more active in the use of aircraft, missiles and attack unmanned aerial vehicles.

According to Mikheev, the reluctance of the United States to incur losses is the result of comfort, which reduces a person’s degree of resistance, and the desire to achieve goals by mobilizing their forces. For Americans, the ideal fighting - remote control drone, that is, the war turns into a kind of computer game.

Of course, huge flocks of drones are a threat to Russia, but, recalls Mikheyev, there are other more powerful weapons. War can not be won only by perfect technique. According to a political analyst, in a hypothetical collision, Moscow will simply launch dozens of nuclear missiles. In this case, the American dream of war without loss simply collapses.

the computer game against Russia will turn for the game in game over.

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