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Russian SAM "Buk-M2E" and SAM "Pantsir-S" humiliated the Israeli Air Force

Russian air defenses defeated the Israeli Air Force.

The best air forces in the Middle East turned out to be helpless against Russian air defense systems due to the fact that they could not successfully hit their targets even with all the imperfections of the Syrian national air defense system. As it turned out, modern Israeli cruise missiles, developed, inter alia, using technologies of low radar signature, covered by the work of Israeli electronic warfare systems, did not interfere with air defense systems, such as the Buk-M2E air defense missile system and the Pantsir-S air defense missile system. ".

It is known that the Syrian air defense systems have successfully shot down 10 of the 12 Israeli missiles (83%).

“The Russian Defense Ministry reports on the details of the Israeli Air Force's night raid on objects in central Syria. According to the military department, six Israeli Air Force fighters were involved, which fired missiles from Lebanese airspace. It is also reported that the Syrian air defense systems Buk-M2E and Pantsir-S destroyed 10 out of 12 missiles. ", - informs "Telegram" channel "Military observer."

Moreover, this is not the first time that Syrian air defense systems have attacked Israeli fighters outside the airspace of the Arab republic. This indicates that the Syrian military is serious enough, however, the S-300 complexes in service with the SAA have not yet been used.

The phenomenal qualities of Russian air defense systems have no analogues in the world for a long time, only in fact, in Karabakh and in Syrian Idlib, for some reason they suffered a crushing defeat

why 10 out of 12?
why not 14 out of 12?

The most striking thing is that the Israelis always fire 12 missiles, and the Syrians always shoot down 10. And no matter how many raids have been written, the numbers of fired and shot down do not change.

"Hvalyun will praise, but grief will burn up", - there is such a Russian proverb.

I took it off my tongue.

About five years ago, in the skies over Syria, just f35 knocked out Israel, as a result, after that all flights in the skies of Syria were stopped by Israeli planes, so think about why they are still firing missiles from Libya

When these F-NNs are shot down, then there will be "success".

Stop telling fairy tales))

Who humiliated whom? Your scrap metal only gets in cartoons, s-300 s-400, beeches of wasps armor in the sky or on your own it is within your power

Humiliated, yeah, without shooting down a single carrier of those missiles, if at least one was shot down, they would not launch more missiles

Foreign media reports:

(25.11.2021) During an exercise in the Negev, an IDF fighter nearly crashed.

On Wednesday, November 24, the commander of the IDF Air Force Amikam Norkin gave the order to suspend all training flights in connection with a serious incident at an air base in the Negev. During a training session in southern Israel, the pilot of the F15 fighter, observing the flight using monitors, did not pay attention to the fact that the plane had dropped altitude and dangerously close to the ground. An instant before the collision, the navigator noticed the danger, informed the pilot, and together they lifted the plane.

Imagine: 12 bullets were fired in your forehead, but 10 of them did not hit. This is your big victory and the defeat of the enemy shooter ...

I had no doubts about the strength of the Russian-made Syrian air defenses. And here is the confirmation: "The Russian air defenses staged a defeat for the Israeli Air Force." Naturally. I just didn't understand how many planes were shot down. And the destruction of aircraft missiles is difficult to verify, and in the end it all came down to empty words. Weak evidence.

And something in Israel knows nothing about it ..