Russian ZRPK "Shell" received new missiles that have no analogues in the world

Anti-aircraft missile and gun complex "Pantsir" was armed with missiles that have no analogues in the world.

The latest missiles are designed to hit small targets, however, their key feature is that they are able to do this at very short distances - up to 500 meters. Until now, such weapons have not been used by any country in the world due to inexpediency, however, obviously, after the use of the Pantsir air defense missile system in real combat conditions, it was decided to increase the protection of the complex against small targets.

A key feature of the new missiles is the fact that the latter are capable of effectively hitting unmanned aerial vehicles at short distances. In the case of conventional missiles, this is not possible due to the fact that in the event of a missile explosion, there are risks of damage to the complex itself. In addition, taking into account the means of radar, directing missiles at targets at short distances is very problematic. At the moment, it is known that missiles for combating small targets will be installed on the Pantsir air defense missile system in the form of a package of 4 units, which is quite enough to successfully repel attacks using small unmanned aerial vehicles.

According to some reports, the use of Switchblade and Ghost Phoenix drones in Ukraine, which are just small in size, but capable of incapacitating air defense systems, served as an aid to the creation of new missiles for Russian anti-aircraft missile and gun systems.