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Russian S-500 air defense systems will protect unique air defense systems with hypersonic missiles

Unique Russian air defense systems with hypersonic missiles will be used against external attacks on the S-500 Prometheus positional areas.

The imminent adoption of the latest S-500 Prometheus anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM) by the Russian army forced the Russian military to ensure maximum protection of the positional areas of these air defense / missile defense systems from massive enemy attacks. As it became known, the Russian S-500 Prometheus will be protected by the most unique Russian complexes that can even be equipped with hypersonic interceptor missiles - these are the newest versions of the Pantsir-SM air defense missile system (SAM) and probably the Pantsir-SM-SV.

“A fundamental decision has been made to combine the S-500 anti-aircraft systems and the Pantsir-SM complexes into a single circuit,” the Defense Ministry said. "Prometheus" will hit remote targets, including space ones, and "Armor" - to protect them from the attacks of drones and cruise missiles of the enemy, if necessary, cover them on the ground from saboteurs "- reports the publication "Izvestia".

The complexes are armed with hypersonic interceptor missiles. Moreover, judging by a number of data, the newest "SuperPantsiri" will be able to intercept targets at distances of up to 40 kilometers, while, if necessary, one such complex can be armed with 24 hypersonic missiles. This will provide reliable protection against enemy aircraft, attack unmanned aerial vehicles, cruise and ballistic missiles.

It is assumed that the S-500 Prometheus complexes will be adopted by the Russian army in the first half of next year.

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