Military in Libya


Russian military found in Libya - there are more than in Syria

There were more Russian military in Libya than in Syria.

According to the material of the Bloomberg publication, despite the absence of official statements from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, there are more than 1400 Russian military in Libya, which exceeds the number of Russian troops located in Syria. It is reported that against this background, Washington sent a warning to Russia about the inadmissibility of an escalation of the situation in the region.

"The United States called on the Russian-backed eastern commander of Libya, Khalifa Haftar, to stop the offensive on Tripoli and said they would support a government supported by the international community against any attempts by Moscow to use the long-standing conflict in the OPEC member country.", - reports "Bloomberg».

Nevertheless, the publication emphasizes that we are talking mainly about Russian mercenaries, among which there are also military pilots using fighter-bomber Su-22 air forces of the Libyan National Army.

What exactly is the reason for the claims on the part of the United States is not known, since even in the case of Russian mercenaries, the Wagner PMC does not apply to the Russian Defense Ministry, and therefore Washington’s arguments are at least unacceptable.

It seems that in Libya, the Russians arranged a kuskin for their mothers to the Americans. They also cleaned Libya from the Isils.