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The Russian military in Syria began to accompany the shock drones

Attack drones began to accompany the Russian military in Syria.

Russia has begun to actively use attack unmanned aerial vehicles to ensure the safety of its military patrols in Syria. According to the Syrian newspaper Suweida 24, during another patrol in southern Syria, an unmanned aerial vehicle was seen in the sky, which accompanied the Russian military - in the event of any danger of an attack, the drone was supposed to cover the Russian troops with air strikes.

At the moment, it is known that this is far from the first appearance of a Russian drone in southern Syria, however, so far there is no data that allows us to unequivocally assert that this is precisely a strike drone. Considering the fact that Orion unmanned aerial vehicles are actively used in Syria, it is likely that if we are talking about an attack drone, then this particular UAV was seen in the sky over the southern part of Syria.

According to experts, the reason for the use of drones in Syria to accompany Russian military patrols is the high efficiency of the latter in monitoring the area. Moreover, the use of unmanned aircraft can reduce the risks for the Russian military, and the operation of drones is relatively cheap compared to using the same manned aircraft.

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