Cairo Airport


Russian airlines are allowed to fly to Egypt after 2 weeks

Air communication with Egypt can be restored in the coming weeks.

According to Russian experts, the domestic air carriers may be allowed to initiate the implementation of passenger flights to Egypt in the first days of February, moreover, it is supposed to be associated it primarily with providing higher levels of security in the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority.

News clarifies that 18 January, Russian specialists went to Egypt to verify the conditions of the safety of air harbor Cairo, and, if the Egyptian authorities have taken care of the implementation of all the requirements, as soon as the ban on flights in the country will be formally withdrawn, that will bring prospects of not only domestic air carriers, but actually by the Russian tourists.

A solid resource, and you make mistakes like C grade students. It's time to learn that there is a complex preposition: "During" and there is a noun: "Flow". When writing for several weeks, it is a complex excuse, not the flow of a river, for example! We got errors !!! Although the news is good!