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Russian air carriers had to evacuate UN mission from Afghanistan - US refused

Aircraft of Russian airlines had to fly to Afghanistan to evacuate the UN mission.

None of the NATO member states agreed to take part in the evacuation of the UN special mission from Afghanistan. In this regard, for such purposes, the Russian air carrier "UTair" was involved, which, by the way, is considered one of the best airlines in Russia. There have been no official press releases from the Russian airline on this matter yet, however, sources report that the evacuation of the UN mission was carried out from Kabul to Almaty.

It is known that neither the United States nor other partner countries of the United States of America, currently present in Afghanistan, agreed to evacuate the UN mission and civilians, who are, in fact, refugees, from the territory of the Kabul International Airport. At the same time, the negotiations that began between Russian diplomats and the Taliban indicate the fact that the Taliban movement (a terrorist movement banned in Russia - ed.) Does not intend in any way to hinder the flights of Russian aircraft to evacuate citizens from Afghanistan.

Experts do not exclude that part of the civilian population of Afghanistan will be evacuated by Russian airlines in the near future, however, so far there are no official statements on this score.

You need to get out there less and solve your problems. The Taliban and everyone else are not our allies. As history and practice show, Russia has only two allies - its armed forces and the navy.

Ahmad Shah Massoud died the day before September 11, 2001. His son is not called "Shah".

Our politicians will make a big mistake if they delay in recognizing the new Afghan government (excluding the Taliban from the list of banned organizations). Europe has already stated that Russia and China should not be allowed to influence Afghanistan. This is bad for Europe, but it means good for us. History teaches this. Both Europe and the United States only understand the language of power. And we must not be afraid to act in opposition to them (they do this with Russia). Contacts, negotiations, trade, construction in Afghanistan!

Well, in any case, not for yours. Such deeds do not go in vain. It is not for nothing that the Taliban, whom we consider a terrorist organization (and they are well aware of this), believe that only with us it is possible to negotiate, because they know that our word is not the wind, like other Western "partners".

Ahmad Shah Massoud fled to Uzbekistan a week ago, without his army.

it is possible to evacuate the citizens of Afghanistan but only to Europe.

Well, then the UN should be transported to Moscow.

And ours, as always, most of all, must be promoted. At whose expense the banquet?

... which is "twitching" and stirring up passions. The Taliban will not violate any agreements now, but America and the EU have already begun to spin up an operation to "prevent the establishment of good-neighborly ties" between the Russian Federation and the Taliban and are doing everything to block the possibility of cooperation between them. ..I think in the near future the US and the EU will begin to provide comprehensive assistance to the son of the field commander, and then the Minister of Defense of Afghanistan, Ahmad Shah Massoud, who recently completed his studies at the University of London and is now entrenched in Panjshir with almost 10 thousand army assembled from different parts the former Afghan army ...



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