The Su-25


Russian fighters had to defend Russian humanitarian convoy in Karabakh from Turkish militants

The fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces were lifted into the air to protect humanitarian convoys and the Russian military.

According to Russian journalist Semyon Pegov, Russian military aircraft were raised from a Russian military airbase in Armenia to protect Russian military and humanitarian convoys passing through Karabakh from pro-Turkish militants. It is known that at least one fighter of the Russian Aerospace Forces is constantly in the skies over Armenia or Karabakh.

“According to sources close to the leadership of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the Aerospace Forces fighters are on alert in the air around the clock. That is, there is at least one Russian fighter in the sky over Armenia. Of course, the presence in the airspace takes place in rotation - its schedule is not advertised for obvious reasons. However, such a "Syrian" approach (the same scheme works in Khmeimim) ensures not only the safety of movement of Russian peacekeeping columns, but also a certain guarantee of the safety of the civilian population. "- said Russian journalist Semyon Pegov.

At the moment, there is no information about the escalation of the situation in the region, however, experts draw attention to the fact that today in the territory of Karabakh, in the territories controlled by Azerbaijan, there are still several thousand pro-Turkish jihadists who do not obey the Azerbaijani authorities, but therefore, an attack on the Russian military is likely.

In the photo "Rook", attack aircraft, this is closer to the realities of convoy cover

It is very curious to know how someone imagines the opposition of one (!) Fighter (!) And foot militants dispersed in the mountains (more precisely along the gorges) in dozens of square kilometers in small groups.