The Russian military did not like the MiG-35 fighter

Despite all the prospects of the newest Russian light fighters MiG-35, it became known that the Russian Aerospace Forces decided to abandon their re-equipment of parts. What exactly caused this is unknown, however, there is some information that the fighters had shortcomings.

“Nearly four years after the first flight of the MiG-35, there are no signs of expected large-scale orders for a combat aircraft from the Russian Ministry of Defense. The fighter, which is described by the manufacturer as belonging to the 4 ++ generation, was purchased in only six units. It was hoped that by the end of 2019, the Russian defense department would place an order for 30 MiG-35 aircraft. Instead of exchanging outdated versions of aircraft for new light MiG-35s, some squadrons switched to "heavyweights", for example, from the Sukhoi corporation, "Voennoye Obozreniye reports, citing data from The Drive.

There are no official statements from Russia on this score, however, experts point out that one of the reasons for this is the banal unreadiness of production for serial production of MiG-35 fighters, and, most likely, this was the reason for this why, to date, India has not shown interest in the Russian MiG-35 either, which praised Russian combat aircraft, stressing that such fighters could perfectly complement the country's army.