SWAT in Syria


The Russian military in Syria refused to pay compensation and feed

The Russian military in Syria believes that their rights have been seriously violated.

The FSB commando of Russia, repeatedly sent to Syria to carry out counter-terrorism operations, filed a lawsuit. The reason for this was the fact that Yury Pisarenko was not only not paid the required compensation, but also left without rations.

“In the lawsuit, the commandos Pisarenko indicated that he is undergoing military service under the contract in part, which is included in the list of units approved by the FSB of Russia that are involved in counterterrorism operations and ensure law and order and public safety on the administrative border of the Stavropol Territory and Chechnya. Together with his colleagues, he was twice sent to the Syrian Arab Republic. But when his immediate superior filed a report, the command of the unit refused to pay the officer “risk” to officer Pisarenko. The command of the unit refused to provide the serviceman with food rations, which, as he indicated in the lawsuit, was assigned to him as a fighter of units ”- reports the publication "Kommersant".

However, the Pyatigorsk Garrison Military Court dismissed the administrative lawsuit, and refused to pay an allowance for fulfilling tasks related to life and health risks in peacetime in Syria and providing food rations. At the moment, it remains unknown whether Pisarenko will appeal to higher authorities.

Shame. Not once seen in non-payment of elementary business trips. Shame.

I have a question .. what does it mean to eat somewhere .. on the base .. without a way out .. and no one paid attention to it .. what and where did he eat ??? doesn’t it seem strange to you ?? everything should be organized and under control ... if there’s a mess .. they’ll pay .. trust me !!!

This is promised to your tribe (ESPECIALLY FOR ****), and you believe everything (or want to believe). In this matter, not knowing the whole TRUTH, it is better to remain silent and will be accepted for the SMART.

Are you sure this is all TRUE? I have a few other details. The fighter did not withdraw from his allowance, in part he ate, God knows where supposedly at his own expense, and now he requires money. But you need a reason to SNAKE, and there at least do not dawn. The very reason to come up with THAWS is not enough.

In 90 there was a cool Military Prosecutor's Office, which firmly defended the rights of military personnel.

And what can I say, everything, as always. And they promised with 3 boxes!