Russian An-124 delivered S-300 complexes to Libya

The Russian heavy An-124 has transferred S-300 complexes to Libya.

Russian and American media report that the An-124 aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces delivered Russian S-300 air defense systems to Libya. Information on this matter is confirmed by photographs and data from open resources that allow monitoring the airspace.

“According to Rob Lee, a PhD student at King's College London, the S-300 was delivered by an An-124 Ruslan transport plane. The aircraft took off from Russia to Al-Khadim airbase (Syria) on August 3. Then An-124 in a roundabout way, skirting Turkey, transported the cargo to Libya. The An-124 is the only aircraft in Russia capable of carrying all the S-300 and S-400 components on board. When the Russian Federation transported the S-400 to Turkey and Syria, and the S-300 to Syria, it was about the An-124, - said Rob Lee ", - about it сообщает Edition "Reporter".

According to American experts, the main reason for the transfer of Russian S-300s to Libya is the complete suppression of the Turkish Air Force in this region.

“The Russians thus make it clear that Sirte and Jufra are a“ red line ”for the actions of the pro-Turkish forces. However, the deployment of such air defense systems did not come as a surprise - Russia uses similar complexes in Syria. This will make Ankara think about the advisability of crossing the "red line" ", - the director of the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia, Aaron Stein, gives information.

It should be clarified that a few days before the appearance of photographs with S-300 air defense systems deployed in Libya, Russian An-124s were seen on the way to this country, however, neither the Russian side nor representatives of the Libyan National Army so far prefer not to comment on these data. but at the same time no refutations were made on this score either.

It is known that the S-300 complexes were deployed by the Libyan National Army near Sirte.

1) In the photo IL76, not AN
2) Air defense systems were sent to Syria and Turkey by Ilami
3) Despite the dual power in Libya, Russia and Turkey have recognized the same government, there can not be something pro-Turkish, as you write.