The wreckage of IL-76


Russian An-124 could become a victim of Turkish drones

The mysterious flight of the Russian An-124 to Libya, could repeat the fate of the Ukrainian Il-76.

On November 9 on November 2019, the Russian military transport aircraft An-124 (RFF8254 - approx. Ed.), Flew from Russia to the Khmeimim airbase, from where, under completely unknown circumstances, headed for Libya, making, according to some reports, the landing at the air base of Al-Jufra, owned by the Libyan National Army. It was here that a few months earlier, during landing, two Ukrainian Il-76 aircraft were destroyed.



Despite the lack of information about the purpose of the visit of the Russian An-124 to Libya, experts draw attention to the fact that the Government of National Unity is categorically opposed to any interaction with the Libyan National Army, using any means to resist this. Under the same circumstances, earlier Turkish drones destroyed two Ukrainian Il-76 cargo planes at the Al-Jufra airbase, in connection with which, experts established certain risks for the Russian military aircraft.

Why exactly the Russian military transport An-124 followed Libya through the Khmeimim airbase also raises a lot of questions, however, a few days earlier the Russian media published material that described the PNE’s request to the United States to provide protection against the “Russians”.