Aircraft carrier Varan


Russian aircraft carrier "Varan" is made minimally vulnerable to anti-ship cruise missiles

The newest Russian aircraft carrier "Varan" proved to be of low vulnerability to anti-ship missiles.

Russian designers showed the project of the newest aircraft-carrying universal naval ship "Varan", which can become a worthy replacement for the design of an aircraft carrier. In addition to the fact that the deck of the Varan ship can accommodate up to 20 aircraft, including fighters, experts drew attention to the low design of the aircraft carrier, which makes it little vulnerable to anti-ship missiles.

"Squat" design of the Russian aircraft carrier, according to the analyst was not chosen by chance - this allows the Russian aircraft carrier to become more stealthy for enemy anti-ship cruise missiles, and, accordingly, less visible to radars, which will increase the crew's chances of getting close to the enemy as close as possible.

Experts pay attention to the fact that we are not talking about a full-fledged aircraft carrier, however, the capabilities of such a ship, in general, are much wider.

According to the published data, the displacement of the universal sea ship "Varan" is about 45 tons, its length is 000 meters, the width is 250 meters, the draft is 65 meters, while the ship itself will be able to reach speeds of up to 9 knots, which is a very good indicator for a ship. of this type.

How quickly it will be possible to implement such a project is unknown.

By rock paintings on paper, we are ahead of the rest! something serious about our economy and a leaky budget!

Most likely never, no matter how sad it is.

Is a draft of 9m a lot or a little?
I'm thinking about mines ...

It seems that ours wanted to make aircraft-carrying catamarans, they are both more stable and lower and the draft is less