Russian BDK seen between Odessa and Sevastopol performing strange maneuvers

A Russian BDK has been spotted performing bizarre maneuvers between Odessa and Sevastopol.

A Russian Project 775 large landing craft (according to HI Sutton) has been spotted west of Crimea making bizarre maneuvers between Odessa and Sevastopol. A Russian warship accidentally got on satellite images, and although the location of the ship in the Black Sea did not raise any questions, its behavior turned out to be rather strange, which, by the way, is far from being observed to the west of Crimea for the first time.

This satellite image shows a Russian BDK identified as a Project 775 large landing craft.

The ship is located approximately 40 kilometers from Sevastopol, and, which is quite remarkable, the BDK performs strange maneuvers, moving with sharp turns without any apparent need. A similar situation has previously been observed near the Crimea with one of the Russian Navy's large landing ships, however, it remains unknown whether this is the same landing ship or another.

The reasons for the strange maneuvers of the Russian BDK remain unknown, however, experts suggest that the BDK may thereby try to evade the possible guidance of Ukrainian Harpoon anti-ship missiles in its direction, since, if we are talking about RGM-84F missiles transferred to the Ukrainian Navy (most likely transfer of RGM-84G missiles to Ukraine - ed.), then with a flight range of the latter up to 280 kilometers, the area where the ship is located is within the operational radius of the missile.