Russian drone shot down 15 kilometers from the Turkish border

A Russian drone was shot down 15 kilometers from the Syrian-Turkish border.

This afternoon, in the area of ​​the Syrian settlement of Akhtarin, a Russian unmanned aerial vehicle "Orlan-10" was shot down. The latter carried out reconnaissance and, judging by the nearby military base of the Turkish troops, the drone could have been shot down for this very reason.

Despite the fact that the jihadists claim that the drone was shot down, there are no hit marks on its fuselage. Apparently, the unmanned aerial vehicle could have been hit by Turkish electronic warfare systems. This, among other things, is evidenced by the opened parachute, which is automatically triggered in the event of any technical malfunctions or in case of loss of communication with the operator and the control station.

It is known that the drone, during the reconnaissance mission, was in an area where there is a very high activity of the Turkish military and terrorists. It is from this area that the assault on the city of Tel Rifat is supposed to be carried out.

The Russian side has not yet commented on the loss of its drone in Syria.

The news and photos have already been posted here earlier, and the text is almost the same

very ancient model, it is not difficult to shoot down such

There, between Idlib and Aleppo, 4-5 Ottoman UAVs were spinning. And a couple of them are new models. Could work on EW on Orlan.

And what does the speed have to do with it, if you were knocked down with a rail? and if there is no protection from the slave. how are you going to fight? Cannon fodder?

Since when have Russian "drones" been active in Syria !?

Well, such a drone is not difficult to shoot down. Considering the flight speed ... It is not a shock by the road ...