Russian warship failed to catch up with British destroyer that violated Russian territorial waters

The Russian patrol ship was unable to catch up with the British destroyer.

Despite the fact that the group of NATO ships that entered the waters of the Black Sea was constantly monitored by the ships of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy, it became known that during yesterday's incident with the breakthrough of a British warship into the territorial waters of Russia near Crimea, Russian patrol the courts were unable to fulfill the task.

In the video footage taken from the Russian combat aircraft, you can see the next ahead of the British destroyer "HMS Defender", which quickly broke away from the escort ships of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy.



The UK refused to acknowledge the violation, noting that official London recognizes Crimea as a part of Ukraine, in this connection, there was no violation of Russia's territorial waters - according to the British Ministry of Defense, the destroyer was in the territorial waters of Ukraine for which permission was allegedly obtained.

A little earlier it became known that the Russian front-line bomber Su-24 delivered two warning bomb strikes with the use of high-explosive aerial bombs along the course of a British warship, however, London denied this, noting that weapons were not used against the British fleet.

did not catch up ,, it was a secret move ,,

Well, why catch up with him? The bomber or missile will catch up.

Sound a RANGE of DATA, otherwise it, this "RANGE OF DATA" suspiciously looks like an echo of Moscow or radio freedom ... or DIRECT from Poroshenko ...

Dear Pollux, you understand that this is a modern destroyer and it is very difficult to drive it and it must be driven in a flock, we will frolic Lord ....))))))))))));)

He did not go, he tried to ram, but it did not work, and they began to shoot when they were far astern. Didn't wait.

"According to a number of reports, the provocation with the invasion of a British warship into Russian territorial waters was planned initially, while, apparently, the crew of the British warship forced Russian patrol ships to approach it, and subsequently it was supposed to seize the Russian vessel."

Or maybe it was conceived?! Let him go into our waters, watching from afar, because there are planes with bombs and electronic warfare!

why write fakes ?? in the English video, it is clearly visible that Pogranets was walking alongside, about one cable.

And the British destroyer in your ... racing ... Don't talk nonsense.

A watchman should not overtake ships, he is not a torpedo boat, his service is security.

A patrol ship is not a racing boat - its task is to warn of border violations and call aircraft or a coastal anti-ship system.

The BBC correspondent, who was on the destroyer, denied the statement of his authorities with his report. )))