Russian warship opened fire near the US Navy ship

A Russian warship opened rocket fire next to an American warship.

The US attempt to arrange a new provocation near the Russian borders turned into serious troubles for the command of the US Navy and the sailors of the missile destroyer "Arleigh Burke". In addition to the fact that the American missile destroyer was immediately taken under the escort of Russian warships, when the American warship appeared in the visibility zone of the American warship, the Russian missile boat "Shuya" opened fire with missile weapons. This caused panic, and a combat alert was announced on the American destroyer, which was recorded, among other things, by the Pentagon.

Earlier, the news agency Avia.pro already reported that Russian warships were conducting exercises in the Black Sea when an American destroyer entered. The Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed the data on missile launches and firing from an artillery gun, noting, nevertheless, that it was just an exercise. Nevertheless, as it turned out, for the United States, this behavior of the Russian fleet was a real shock.

“The actions of the Russian missile boat took the US warship by surprise. The sudden missile launch put a lot of pressure on American soldiers and it was because of this that the US destroyer decided to flee after the first warning from Russia. ", - reports the publication "Baijiahao".

Such unexpected actions of the Russian fleet came as a real shock to American sailors, since the crew of the missile destroyer clearly did not expect such a tough position of Russia in countering American provocations.

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