Russian warship scared off American military aircraft with missile guidance

US military aircraft decided to repeat the "feat" of the Russian Su-24, which turned off the US Navy destroyer, but air defense missiles were aimed at them.

American military aircraft, tracking the Russian patrol warship Vasily Bykov, attempted to stage a provocation by flying up at a critical distance to the Russian ship, thus apparently intending to repeat the "feat" of the Russian Su-24 bomber, which disabled the systems of the American destroyer " Donald Cook ”, however, after the Russian warship took two fighters and a reconnaissance military aircraft for escort with air defense, intending to shoot down the latter at the slightest threat, the US aviation had to quickly retreat.

According to some reports, the incident took place in the skies over the North Sea on August XNUMX, when the Pentagon decided to control a Russian warship armed with the Kalibr cruise missiles. Initially, American military aircraft were at a distance from the Russian warship, however, they subsequently approached it and began to arrange provocations, flying up to a critical distance and thereby violating international norms. To ensure its own security, the Russian warship brought the air defense systems into combat readiness, which, obviously, was reflected in the systems of American military aircraft, in connection with which the latter had to quickly retreat, realizing that in this case the truth was on the side of Russia, and the defeat of the American military aircraft will be a trifle for the ship.

The exact purpose of the tracking of the Russian warship has not yet been reported, however, obviously, this will discourage the American military from going on provocations.

Until at least one aircraft is destroyed, they will provoke and calculate the combat readiness of our ships ...

Not wean you, but teach! History does not teach our bosses anything, we pull everything to the last ...



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