Russian military reconnaissance ship "Yuri Ivanov" burst into the zone of NATO military exercises

A Russian combat reconnaissance ship single-handedly frightened a British aircraft carrier strike group.

Despite the clear superiority of the combat power of the NATO aircraft carrier strike group, led by the British aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth, and the numerical superiority of warships, the Russian combat reconnaissance ship Yuri Ivanov demonstrated its readiness to successfully eliminate any threats of the Alliance, single-handedly breaking through into the naval area. exercises and starting to patrol the region, thereby showing the intention to act tough even in extremely difficult military conditions.

As follows from the information provided by the Telegram-community "Operational Line", the Russian warship completely ignored any provocative demands and warnings from the command of the Royal Navy of Great Britain, following a parallel course of the British AUG, significantly reducing the possibilities of practicing coordinated actions of the AUG and making maneuvers.

"In the areas of NATO exercises Strike Warrior / Formidable Shield, the brave crew of the Northern Fleet reconnaissance ship Yuri Ivanov is vigilant for the actions of the insidious foe.", - was said in the message of "Telegram" -sooperative line community ".

According to analysts, Russia began to act against NATO using the methods of the Alliance itself, however, taking into account London's plans to send part of its aircraft carrier strike group to the Black Sea, the North Atlantic Alliance is just beginning to have troubles.

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Trouble will begin for NATO!

We urgently need to release two ships - Petrov and Basharov !!! When they appear, there will be panic all over the world !!!