Robot Uranus-9


Russian combat robot "Uranus-9", capable of gutting tanks and aircraft, spotted in Syria

In Syria, the Russian combat robot "Uranus-9" was spotted.

Information about the appearance in Syria of the Russian combat robot "Uran-9", capable of easily destroying enemy armored vehicles and gutting military aircraft, appeared long ago. However, it is reported that a unique robotic complex has been spotted in northern Syria. Judging by the photograph presented, the combat robot took an active part in military operations together with the Russian and Syrian military, including in repelling numerous attacks by militants.

At the moment, neither the place nor the date of the picture was made public, however, a number of sources say that the photo could have been taken in northern Syria, where this combat unit is used against militants supported by the Turkish army. Nevertheless, a number of other sources claim that we are talking about the testing period of the Russian combat robotic complex.

It should be noted that the Russian combat robotic complex “Uran-9” has in its arsenal the 30-mm automatic cannon 2А72, perfectly suitable for hitting unarmored and lightly armored vehicles, as well as air targets, and a set of four anti-tank guided missiles, which makes it formidable the adversary.