Russian combat helicopter frightened the US military by flying over a US military base

Russian attack helicopter "inspected" the US military base in Syria.

The appearance of the Russian combat rotorcraft turned out to be extremely unexpected for the US military, who were on the territory of the US base, and, it can be seen that the latter clearly saw the appearance of the Russian attack helicopter, as the eyes of some of the military were fixed on the sky. The approach of a combat helicopter of the Russian Aerospace Forces to an American military base seriously frightened the United States, especially against the backdrop of rather cold relations between Moscow and Washington, as well as after the latest attacks on US military bases in Syria.

The presented video footage clearly shows how the Russian rotorcraft is rapidly approaching the US military base in northeastern Syria, completely ignoring the earlier US demands regarding the inadmissibility of the appearance of the Russian military in US-controlled territories. On the territory of the military base, you can see numerous American military and military equipment present here, hangars, weapons depots, etc.

The purpose of the appearance of the combat rotorcraft here is still unknown, however, with its presence, Russia once again reminded Washington that the presence of the US military in Syria is illegal.


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