The bomber PAK DA


Russian bomber PAK DA will receive unique electronic warfare weapons that protect against all types of weapons

The Russian strategic bomber PAK DA will become invulnerable to all types of existing weapons.

Sources in the country's military-industrial complex report that the newest domestic strategic bomber of the PAK DA project, which has already received the name "Messenger", will be armed with a unique electronic warfare system that allows the aircraft to be protected from all types of existing weapons.

According to information available to the news agency, the Russian strategic bomber "Messenger" will be armed with a unique defense complex. The latter will be able to suppress enemy guidance systems, deflect missiles fired at the aircraft, and also detect the entry into the detection zone of enemy air defense systems, thereby remaining unnoticed.

“A completely new airborne defense system is being developed for PAK DA, which will protect it from all types of weapons - radar and optical. This will allow the aircraft not to enter the enemy's air defense zone, to hit designated targets from the world's oceans or from the territory of another state. ", - the source said.

In fact, the new defense complex combines several types of electronic warfare systems that are in service with the Russian army, while there is information that a unique technology will also be used here, preventing the detection of an aircraft by long-range radars.

Perhaps there is already a flight prototype of a bomber, but we will not find out about this and will not see on which new technologies for this aircraft are tested and tested, and without this it is impossible to get a ready-made aircraft in the future YES

Respect for our scientists, engineers and ordinary workers !!!

And in what year this miracle of technology will appear nowhere else.