Su-24 bombers


Russian Su-24 bomber attacked a British destroyer in the territorial waters of Crimea

A Russian Su-24 bomber attacked a British destroyer in the Black Sea, dropping two bombs.

A Russian front-line bomber Su-24 attacked the British missile destroyer HMS Defender in the Black Sea, which had invaded Russian territorial waters. According to information available to the news agency, the crew of a British warship violated the Russian maritime border, after which they were warned several times, but continued to delve into Russian territorial waters. As a result of these actions, the Russian front-line bomber Su-24 was raised into the sky, which dropped two high-explosive aircraft bombs a few tens of meters from the NATO warship, forcing it to finally change its course.

The information about the attack on the British missile destroyer HMS Defender has been confirmed by the Russian defense department by the current hour.

"At 12:06 and 12:08 the border patrol ship fired warning shots.", - said in the message of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, however, any details of the incident have not yet been announced.

This is a very serious provocation, and, obviously, if the crew of the destroyer "HMS Defender" ignored such a warning, the Russian military aviation would simply destroy it.

Attacked ?? How to understand this? Does this mean you started a war with Britain? And what did the British do in response? How hard to believe!

No need to say. I would have dropped it from a height of 3000 m, and then they would have said: they wanted to warn, but the bomb was blown off by the wind)

Provocation of the Anglo-Saxons. Knowing their ability to commit such provocations, next time we can expect a demonstrative invasion of an unmanned vessel filled with the corpses of dead homeless people from East London under the sinking of the Russian Aerospace Forces. Sensation and sanctions provided.

The British say there were no bombs. Someone is cheating.

The term “territorial waters of Crimea” sounds strange on your website! These are the territorial waters of Russia! Do you think that Crimea is Ukrainian?

.... and after that no one will know.

There is a precedent, as well as a warning at the level of the highest diplomacy - in the future, everything is possible and the defeat of the violator is also possible.

... or could have hit the ship ...



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